0813/13th March 2022

The darker our world becomes, the more I seem to seek beauty in the little things.

Snow on top of a solar light.

A hole in the snow

Squirrel tracks in the pristine, glinting snow

How I wished I could capture the sounds of the early morning. Birds seemed joyful to have survived the storm that had them hunkered down wherever they could find a place for their tiny feet.

It was as if they called out to each other, checking in.

The gentlest breeze brushed the memorial wind chimes that whispered “we’re still here”.

Fanciful, I know, but such moments are magic.

It had been a bitter night, after the snow

At dusk 5 deer came by but it was too dark and they were too nervous for photographs.

This morning brought a clear sky

and the driveway had been plowed. We have a “snow man” after all. This was just his second visit!

There was an ominous cloud beyond the hills but the rising sun soon dispatched it.

and I went searching for images

Grant called “service!” for cat breakfasts but I was taking pictures of a pigeon searching for her meal in the snow

“Is this the best you can offer?” she asked

Our fridge was looking a bit bare, so Grant went off for replenishments leaving me to play with Roomba Ralph

(With Willow’s help)

My theory about why Ralph was refusing to work for me turned out to be correct. I had been pressing the wrong button. I told Grant this and he said wasn’t it strange that the button wasn’t clearly marked?

“Well”, I said, “it does say ‘CLEAN‘ on it.” (!)

But I also had to give it a gentle kick to get it going.

In between fielding Ralph, feeding Hal (washing machine) and wiping up the latest stray pee, I took a moment to photograph another icicle.

As I watched, periodically it dripped and I attempted in vain to capture that precise moment, when the drop launched itself off.

A new way to waste time, I thought.

But then I downloaded the pictures and to my astonishment….

The camera caught what the naked eye did not.

Tiny drops and sparkles!

There is magic in the tiniest thing.

4 thoughts on “Magic

  1. I haven’t been reading a lot of blog posts lately, but I do have to say that every time I check out your posts, I am in awe of the beautiful pictures that you take.

  2. Those icicle photo’s are pure magic! And there’s just so much snow … the world looks bright and glittery. Thank you for sharing such stunning pictures (in my eyes, it’s definitely not time wasted) ☺️.

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