No place to perch!

1050/12th March 2022

Ill-mannered, stroppy little hooligans


They certainly don’t waste time with airs and graces.

Which is probably why I am amused by them.


Having witnessed, yesterday, the fastest change ever in perspective when the recent snowfall had vanished in mere hours….here we are back again…

During breakfast a few flakes began to fall and I went to take some snaps

It wasn’t long before we went from this….

…to this.


The starlings had moved in on the porch, but Little Red was not bothered:


All birds are wonderful and I won’t say I have favourites

but I am terribly fond of the Tufted Titmouse

Such a pert, neat little guy.

While I was outside I heard a loud “Cark!”

Our crows are usually too proud to take a handout


On the patio we put seed under a table

where another friend posed nicely for me.


The storm continues and the gang’s all here:


Lily went to the door

“Really?” she said, “no walk?”

So she went to bury her head on top of her tree…


…meanwhile Tinkerbelle found my shoe!


While I am a fan of snow, this particular type is diabolical. Wet and heavy, it clings to the trees, weighing down limbs that are already weakened by previous storms.

Power lines come down too.

But on Monday, they say, Spring will resume…

…and tonight we move our clocks forward.

“We running out of places to perch missus!”

6 thoughts on “No place to perch!

  1. Our clocks do not go forward until the 27th of March, but we have had Spring weather today and yesterday, with increased temperatures too. The Blue Tits are preparing the nest-box on the Oak tree, and all the bulbs are in flower.
    Still no snow in Beetley at all this winter, which I am pleased about.
    Good to see Little Red, he always makes me smile. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Oh, your pictures are beautiful, though I do not envy that snow! I actually enjoy starlings, though they have not visited here yet this year. I see them in the fields, but not at our feeders. Like you, I don’t really have favourites, I like all the birds. I must admit I do love your Little Red, though – he does have a special place in my heart.

  3. You have made my day Carolyn! Love your snowy pictures … in some of your first pictures, the snow reminds me of coconut flakes (maybe I should bake a cake ☺️). We had such a hot weekend, but this morning, we have the first real winter rain of this year … it might be that winter will arrive earlier this year.
    Little Red is so adorable and all the birds posing (unintentional) for your camera … beautiful!

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