Holy snow!

0610/11th March 2022

It was my intention to post more of the pictures from yesterday, but this was the view early today. Such small variations of temperature, moisture and wind create entirely different scenes.

This morning we had a hard frost.

And a lot of air traffic.

“Our toes is cold!”

However yesterday was so uniquely spectacular, I cannot not share some of the images.

0730/10th March 2022

It was an in-your-face world of white!

It began heavily overcast, but soon came the Sun:

The new lenses for my glasses were ready, so once more we made our way down our road

As we pass the frozen pond, I always call out hello to the terrapins in their icy bed.

With a rapidly rising temperature, the road was clear

Greenwich looks very pretty after a snowfall:

As usual, we were early for my appointment, but I went inside and ten minutes later my new lenses were installed and we were underway home.

Past the pretty house with the white picket fence

By yesterday afternoon, the snow was mostly gone.The speed at which the scene had changed was quite astonishing. But…we have a Winter storm watch!

If predictions are accurate, we may get 7 to 9 inches of snow starting late tonight and through tomorrow.

And I was afraid we would have a snow-free Winter!

6 thoughts on “Holy snow!

  1. Aw, I really do like your snowy pictures! The birds in the trees are lovely and the landscape while driving is (winter) picture perfect!
    Maybe one day I will also experience a snowy winter …

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