0757/10th March 2022

Yesterday afternoon’s sudden, unexpectedly heavy snowfall precipitated a frenzy at the bird feeders and a rare opportunity to get some photos while they were too preoccupied to notice me in the window.

Oh, the squawking and scrabbling!

“Wow, mate! Don’t rock the boat!”

Sparrows don’t stand a chance when the bully-boys arrive, falling out of the sky, straight in to the feeders.

The starlings retreated briefly when I went out with two more suet cakes…

…and meanwhile my little friends went to re-group

“Well this is a bit unexpected” they said

“I say, madam, have you no control over your feeders?”

They weren’t too put out. They staged their own scrum.

Snow fell fast and heavy, weighing down the trees

As it was in such demand, I broke up an extra suet cake and placed it on the porch where a downy woodpecker found it, grateful it didn’t have to compete with the ruffian starlings.

Behind the house, Mrs Cardinal had a dignified meal with the snowbirds.

Her husband sat sedately in a bush, surveying the free-for-all

Then they posed together

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Snow continued and it all went to hell, starlings red-wings, bluejays all vying for seed

Everything was getting buried, so I went to to move the feeders onto the porch

and took a picture of the field

24 hours later, the snow is mostly gone, but I have more pictures…

7 thoughts on “Frenzy

  1. You have so many birds, it is lovely to see them. I noticed Blue Tits beginning to nest in our nest-box on the oak tree today. That is really a sign of Spring.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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