1306/9th March 2022

Personally, I prefer the later image! Snow was predicted but we rather scoffed at the idea when we went out this morning in light jumpers. “Too warm!” I said. But the world is white again.

Overnight the bird baths froze so I made a “cake”. Which then got dusted for good effect, like a Victoria sponge.


Earlier, before the snow, I was squirrel watching

More accurately, tail watching.

Yes, of course, I got a little carried away with a subject that did not flee at the sight of my camera.

Squirrels are little operators. They know how to charm a peanut or two from us.

Then this little specimen showed up. She’s not entering the tail competition for now.

1440/10th March

It certainly is an ever-changing world.

Capturing photographs takes my mind off the awfulness that is elsewhere….

There is guilt in knowing that deep down I’m thinking “thank God it isn’t me”.

And genuine sadness that I belong to such a savage species.

Anne Frank’s words have always stayed with me:

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. "

5 thoughts on “Tails

  1. We have to believe that most people are really good at heart. The alternative does not bear thinking about. However, it is patently obvious that some people are evil!

  2. Nature decorating its own cake – I like that! Yeah, I ❤️ your snowy pictures … ohh, and the squirrels are so cute! And I’m with Anne – I have always believed in the good hearts of all people (though, I’ve been proved wrong many times) … but still …

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