13th March 2022

We munched somewhat gloomily through supper exchanging views on the general state of things.

Then suddenly I rose, grabbing the camera.

As we chatted, I’d been staring fixedly at the icicles, watching their appearance change in retreating light.

My latest obsession!

Not really. I have always been intrigued with ice.

Earlier there had been the sun.

Now came shades of blue

and palest mauve

…and what was that…oh…the Moon

Not that I could get them in focus together, of course. And there was that drip again…

…three seconds later it detached and my shutter caught the exact moment before it launched.

Somehow I had not expected it to take this shape and I wondered how it would appear a split second later.

Moon gazed at me benignly from behind evening mist.

A little song sparrow came for a last minute snack…

…paused for a moment…

…then flew off into the twilight

One last shot this morning before the melt…

…this time with Sun lurking.

“You’re not supposed to look at me!!!”

Sun is less forgiving than Moon.

His Nibbs stopped by this morning

…for a snack and a tickle

After checking the front of house he sauntered off:

A little while later this sleepy fellow popped out of it’s hole, took a look around and bogged off!

“Not impressed!”

It’s always so nice when old friends return.

Mrs Plod won’t be back but perhaps this is Son of Plod.

Grant turned the porch light on the other night to see if anyone was around, and there he was!

Someone could tell me the right way to do this. Forgive my ignorance. This came up on Amazon Music and I think it is really rather lovely:


4 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. When I looked at your icicles, I was thinking … last year winter you made those lovely ice sculptures. This year, Nature is making the sculptures! It’s absolutely beautiful – the colour is so much different than in sunny weather!

  2. Lovely icicle droplet, Carolyn. And the photo with the Moon was atmospheric. Is that a Groundhog? We don’t have those here. (As you know)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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