20th September 2021

Because our resident groundhogs made short work of the seedlings I attempted to grow last Spring, Grant went out and got a huge bag of mixed wildflower seed.

It was so slow in growing, I’d given up all expectations but in August a variety of green shoots began to appear, unmolested!

Creating a truly eclectic flowerbed.

Mum would have muttered that it was untidy and I wouldn’t disagree, but we like it and it has supplied some nice surprises:

California poppies, salvia, cosmos, and heavenly scented wallflowers and sweet alyssa…

…and this unexpected and delightfully photogenic plant: Fiddleneck:

Encased in morning dew, the buds were jewel-like and quite exquisite.

But I had no idea what would come of these buds.

They were perfect as they were.

Then, on September 26th the flowers began to reveal themselves:

What a delightful surprise!

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