Seeds in the wind

0700/21st September 2021

Like so many things, it’s a feast or a famine.

Lately I haven’t been able to resist taking snaps.

Professional they are not, but they please me and I hope some will please you.

21st September 2021
21st September 2021

It’s sunrise season again, but this year I also captured these:

We had a good crop of milkweed and some success with Monarch butterflies.

Judging from the seeds, we may have a veritable forest next year!

It’s total overkill, I realise, but each day the seeds created new formations which, in the sunlight looked so fine. Today, I think it’s finally done and I’ll be cutting down the remaining stalks now that the residents appear to have packed up and left.

The milkweed seeds seem to have taken the place of my Winter ice sculpture with which I also became a tad obsessed. Grant wants me to draw plans for this Winter’s creation. “We must have a flat surface for the base!” he says. And I’m the one who’s obsessed!

But I think this Winter we will not have the long period of freezing weather we had last January. Not that I have any reason to feel this way as I am neither scientist nor farmer!

The starlings are still boycotting us, but they did assemble in a distant tree to titivate before continuing their journey to milder latitudes.

Safe journey little friends!

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  1. Lovely photo’s! I can see the seasons are busy changing there by you – I can already spot some autumn colours. And how beautiful are those seeds … each one different to the other one … amazing!

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