Fall funk

0727/26th September 2021

Sunrise this morning matched my mood.

The Sun fought bravely to penetrate thick layers of dark cloud and morning mist lay in the valleys.


For such an oppressive beginning, it has turned into a spectacularly bright Fall day, warm but not hot. The sort of day that should inspire.

Yesterday was very similar and I somehow found myself cleaning windows. Not a job I would brag about, certainly, but at least there was some improvement. Perhaps I should have stopped there, but finding myself on the porch, I contemplated the mess, mainly from our bird feeders and suddenly I could no longer tolerate it, so I set to, scrubbing and washing.

Around noon, Grant opened a window, unimpressed that he could now see through it, and announced : “Time to stop! Come and get some lunch.” By the time I finished and came inside, he had disappeared, so I munched a piece of toast and had a drink standing in the kitchen.

The cats had obviously been fed lunch as they had gone to their siesta.


While my exertions didn’t seem to have affected me physically (did the latest injection hit the right spot?), today I feel pancake flat and totally demotivated, in spite of the glorious day on offer.

A sleepless night may have something to do with it and then there was last night’s mouse incident.

Butter wouldn’t melt…

Reading my book around 9 pm, I heard a racket somewhere in the periphery and decided it was Grant moving stuff about in the basement.

But no, he soon came pounding upstairs to see “what the hell” was going on.

The firescreen was being bashed about by Willow, hot on the heels of her latest victim. Which she soon caught.

Having done so, Willow seemed unsure what to do next, so she trotted around with it, squirming in her mouth.

To me this is highly distressing.

Grant announced that it was a “cat thing” and he was going back to bed.

If I tried to rescue the mouse I knew it would go horribly wrong and chances are it would die anyway.

So I went back to my book and read the same sentence twelve times.

Perhaps that is why I couldn’t sleep and find myself in a mental funk.

But I got some cool pictures yesterday and tomorrow I’ll share some of those.

After we get back from cat vet appointments…

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