1700/27th September 2021

Since my unplanned, mind-numbing sejour in hospital at the beginning of the month, I’ve been fighting the glums and not always winning.

My nerves have remained on high alert, I can’t sleep and my head hurts. And for no reason in particular, so does my heart. It’s that pit of grief I carry around.

Perhaps my new therapist will be able to help me offload it. Now that I have attended the “intake”, I can progress to seeing the doctor next week.

Very boring. I think it’s PHD.

Post Hospital Disorder.

Seeing my long face, Grant persuaded me to go with him yesterday afternoon to collect some item he’d bought up in Granville.

Dragging my feet, I got in the car, muttering and mumbling darkly. But I had brought a camera.

Just in case…one never knows what will appear.

Slumped in my seat like a sulky teenager, I wasn’t prepared to allow anything to lift my mood.

Then I looked up. Even if I hadn’t, one couldn’t fail to notice what was happening above us.

Was some angry God clawing at the cloud with long talons?

Nature can always get me to sit up and pay attention.

It didn’t even rain.

8 thoughts on “PHD

  1. I remember a pink morning sky in Orkney that made everything under it pink: the water on the loch, the grass in the field, the birds, the sheep, the sea and all the way everywhere you saw everything pink. As I looked out of the window that morning, it made me stop in my tracks and ponder if it was or my eyesight on the blink.

    1. Yes! I often stop and look outside because everything has taken on such a warm pink hue. Orkney must be wonderful. Sorry I never got to those parts I know I would have loved it.

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