The greatest Artist

1843/24th September 2021

When the setting sun reaches a certain angle, it lights up the distant hills while the rest are already cloaked in shadow.

At this time of year I stay close to the window and also keep my ears pricked for the calls of geese..

It’s the lovely, mournful sound of Fall.

That night was a pretty sight...
Everything bathed in a pale pink light.

In just a few hours great excitement as the sun prepared to leap back above the horizon.

Painting the woods gold and chasing away the moon.

Then a great mist rolled in…

…but in no time it burned off

Though spiderwebs were still a bit damp…

…and one or two other things…

When I play with the macro lens, sometimes I get surprising results:

Surely such a precise and perfect design (Egyptian almost?) cannot have happened by accident? Yes, yes, it’s all mathematics, but how and why…the questions are endless…

Nature is the artist I admire above all others

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