Wee things

7th July 2021

Playing with the macro lens, I made new friends:

They were no more cooperative than my larger pals.

Japanese Lady Beetle. It is said that meeting one of these is a sign that your creative pursuits will bring prosperity in the future.

Also to make use of your vivid imagination.

Well then!

Meet Anthony.

He and his mates live in the Yucca flowers

As if gardening is not challenging enough, now I have to worry about what insects I may disturb.

Ants have always held a fascination for me and seeing one close up gave it personality.

Look at those little eyes.

Look at those pincers!

He’s cute.

Yes, I’ve been stung by red ants and others, but only because I stepped in their nest or in the middle of what they were working on so industriously.

They are actually rather amazing.

How about Sly?

He was on a window one day.

If he’d been inside, I would have had to trap him and escort him out. I cannot abide having flies indoors.

But close-up, even he turned out to be interesting. His eyes are striped. Who knew?!

Admittedly, I am less fond of flies. Some of them have a painful bite. I think Sly may be one of those. I believe they are horse-flies. They irritate livestock and deer terribly. No doubt they have their place in the world, but it’s a little hard to love them.

Endeavouring not to kill them, I use a large tumbler and a piece of paper to seal the trap. I’ve released lots, but recently one of the wretched things got squished.

Is it ridiculous to feel bad about such a thing? Well I did, but I think that fly was on his last legs anyway.

This morning I decided to pull up some wild strawberries, not because I object to them but because they are so invasive. I rather think they have been taking nutrients away from a large lily which is usually covered in blooms.

This year, when everything else is thriving, it seems sad. So the strawberries had to go.

But I had to work around a spider web.

Then, as I pulled up the strawberries, I realized that I was very likely destroying someone’s home or food source.


Then I went to plant some seeds that Grant got.

Why he thinks the groundhogs will allow these to grow, when they’ve eaten all the other seedlings I can’t think.

After all, they devour everything in sight.

At least they don’t steal the bowl, which the skunk does.

(Metal only)

Poor Zoomer can’t even get a look-in.

Sorry if you are sick of groundhog pictures.

They just tickle my funny bone.

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  1. Love the insect pictures! They probably take more patience to focus in on, but I’m so glad you did that today. Of course, I love all the furry and feathered critters as well. Do the wild strawberries have fruit on them?

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