“Not” a garden day

1909/9th July 2021

Having attended to the bird feeders and water bowls before breakfast, I ruled that the garden would be out of bounds for the rest of the day.

Yesterday in the short time I spent outside, I managed to wrench my left shoulder. Possibly pulling the invasive vine off the invasive honeysuckle….

Overnight my sore shoulder cured itself, miraculously.

Never-the-less, I decreed today to not be a garden day.

Then Grant came in and told me there was a possible photograph up by the garage, of a spider.

Hardly a spider and I scared the poor thing.

But now I was outside the house, with my camera, so that meant I had to have a walk:

Don’t get too excited!

Black-eyed Susan is just coming into bloom.

As well as the Blazing star, one of my favourites.

Wild strawberry in the flower bed. I’ll have to pull them up even though they have pretty white flowers and wild creatures feed on them.

They are all over the hill, so no-one will be deprived.

Those red “runners” tie knots around other plants and they get under the siding of the house, which is not a good thing!

Below: This is the plant that is looking poorly.

This is how it normally looks. Orange day lily.

More weeds!

Left: Bird vetch Above: Common self-heal

Common St John’s wort

Tatarian honeysuckle. (maybe)

Another invader. Japanese knot-weed. Pretty.

Deptford pink. How did they get in my field?

Common yarrow. I tilted the picture…

Prairie flea-bane. Those are beetles, not fleas!

Hard to identify. Sulphur cinquefoil?


Yellow bird’s foot trefoil. Seeds below

Maiden’s tears

Groundhogs haven’t found the bed behind the house yet, so sweet alyssum was allowed to grow. (right)

Below is what’s left of the portulaca I planted last week:

Next year, I think I shall invest in raised beds.

Better for me and certainly better for plants.

It’s rather a surprise to see this number of flowers. Anyone would think I have a garden.

As long as you don’t mention that some are weeds!

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