Lowering my horizon

0743/11th July 2021

There is a name for this , but I can’t find it because I don’t know how to describe it to Google.

Refraction of light. My aviation friends would know what it’s called, but I don’t have one on speed dial.

How I wish I’d paid more attention to little things much sooner. They aren’t so hard to find once you start to look.

This seems to be a type of willow herb.

Whereas this is supposed to be chickweed.

We had budgies when I was a kid and the chickweed they got didn’t look as dainty as this. But perhaps English chickweed is different.

It’s positively fragile!

Sheep sorrel is tiny and so were the insects that seemed to be enjoying it.

Somewhere there is an app for identifying insects. I must make another effort to find it.

Tiny raindrops on tiny wild daisies

Perhaps I should be less keen to admire the Japanese knot weed. I’m not sure, but I think those may be ticks.

Up close and bug-free, it’s a lovely vision.

Even the knot weed buds make a pleasing picture when viewed a certain way.

Like everything, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Meet Anthony’s cousin Andrew.

“It wasn’t me who ate the leaves of your Rose of Sharon, missus!”

Last year I had some beautiful blooms on these bushes.

And there’s the first bud!

There’s that beetle again.

He’s not “Japanese”, like the ones that made the mistake of eating the Bedlam Farm zinnias.

They met a sticky end!

You better watch your step, mate…

Dwarf honeysuckle.

This afternoon I noticed a robin plucking berries from one of these bushes. Usually they look for worms in the lawn, but I’m happy if the berries can fill a bird’s tummy.

There are so many, they are weighing the bushes down.

European white birch.

It won’t be so long before the leaves begin to turn, such a lovely time of year.

Hopefully all this drenching rain will not adversely affect the colours. Last year the leaves were stunning.

Rain is expected soon, to continue through the night.

But on the West Coast there is terrible drought….

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