Where’s that mallet?

0630/15th November 2023

This morning had a cold look about it.

When I went to empty the bird’s frozen water pans, there was still a remnant of yesterday’s ice.


But I was surprised to find that last night’s freeze had not been so hard.

Missing item: My ice mallet!


It will have been put in a place where I was sure to find it when freezing weather returned.

Grant said helpfully:

“I saw it somewhere recently.”

Operative word: “somewhere”.


As the Sun rose, the temperature climbed and according to the infallible oracle, for the next two days it will hover around 60F/15C.

At least I won’t need the ice mallet.


Aeroplanes came shooting out of the dawn in all directions.

Our direction once more was north to Greenwich.


Different time of day, different images.

By now I think everyone must be well-acquainted with route 372 and it’s many complexions which I am compelled to capture.


Currently it’s in a good state of repair!


Will that barn finish falling down this winter?


Someone always has to mess up a paint job!


Still not another car in sight.



Remember I said something was happening?


Today a surprise:

The driver pulled off and parked!

It is still unclear what the masterplan may be, but it is nice to have a view of the Battenkill.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the masterplan?

From here I could walk.


We’ve been driving past here for 5 years and I had a vague sort of idea that there was a drop in the level of the river, but had never thought about it.

With the viewpoint opened up, the sound of rushing water has become unmistakable.


The tall structure, which I had never noticed before, is part of an old factory, many of which are dotted along rivers in this part of the world.

Somehow I can’t help feeling those were happier days, before big industries arrived.


The Three trees.

They are on my favourites list.

It’s a long list.


Returning in late morning, we decided on early lunch and I rather hoped to have an uninterrupted afternoon, but Grant was undertaking a cooking challenge which involved conversion charts and opinions. (Mine? You must be joking!)

It was followed by general crashing and banging about and my eventual exasperation.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were writing!”

Where’s that mallet? I’ve thought of a new purpose for it.

7 thoughts on “Where’s that mallet?

  1. I am sorry, Carolyn, that I have been almost absent from your couple of posts but yesterday was my court hearing, and after I was so tired that I couldn’t write any comments.
    Today, I love as usual the roads, the sky, and the trees, especially the three trees.
    Cherish, Carolyn, Grant as he is so important, and never even as a joke think about different use of the ice mallet.


  2. And suddenly it looks like Winter there with you ❄️. It was probably someone in a hurry to paint that white line. But what a lovely road – no potholes (like most roads here). Haha 😅, men can make quite a noise (and mess) when they’re in the kitchen … but I’m not complaining because I eat well!

  3. The three trees would be on my list too.
    Your mallet is in the same place as everything I have ever lost.
    “‘Somewhere I will remember leaving it”. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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