Dawn & dusk

1055/27th September 2023

Since we were going that way today, I thought I would take a photograph for comparison to the one (left) that I posted yesterday, taken on the same day, last year.


The geese are consistent anyway!


Harvesting. I’m not sure what grain.


“Hey guys, you missed a bit!”

You see this a lot when the fields have been harvested. Sometimes a solitary stalk remains giving definition to a snow-covered field, but often it’s a whole row like this.

Maybe there is a superstition about leaving a few stalks standing?


0715/26th September 2023


Nibbs came running.

He must have been sleeping under one of those farm vehicles, acquiring a thick smear of oil on his shoulder.


It’s nice to see the old Nibbs again.

Meanwhile, it is a mystery what has happened to all our other visitors.

In August we couldn’t keep the suet feeders topped up fast enough.

Suddenly, all those birds were gone.

But not the sparrows.

And one or two others.


This, I think is a juvenile cowbird.

It must somehow have been separated from its flock, so it lives in the bushes and probably thinks it’s a sparrow.

They don’t seem to mind.


With the competition gone, blue jays moved back in.

Handsome and stroppy like all corvids!


Gimpy crow is always with its mate.

Gimpy has a disabled right foot.


“Our” squirrels all vamoosed too.

Except these two beat-up females.


This one has the most curious colour scheme. Mostly dark red with grey bits.

They may be the only two squirrels on my property but they don’t hang out together.

It’s entirely possible they got their wounds beating each other up.


So will our other friends return?

Will we ever see another possum?

Wild turkeys?


Will Scooter make it through the winter?

Considering how well it gets around with only the use of its front legs, we think it has a good chance.

It may not be able to strike a pose like the rest of its clan,


but it can certainly nosh a carrot.


Enjoying the evening sky last night,

I heard a ‘plane.


It was circling.


Then I figured out why.

Too late for the perfect shot of the ‘plane passing in front.

If I could fly a small aircraft, I would have been up there last night too.


5 thoughts on “Dawn & dusk

  1. Once again you paint such a beautiful picture Carolyn. An absolute joy fo my blind eyes. You have so many animals and birds around you. I’m keeping Hope going for Scooter.

  2. The blue jays are such lovely birds. Maybe the animals are preparing their bedding for the cold winter … at least they know they can come for a “top up” in your garden. Like Pete, I’m also hoping Scooter will be a regular visitor. Beautiful sky photos.

  3. We always had lots of rabbit pie during harvesting. Rabbits would all run into the middle of the field as the Combine Harvester circled and, finally, make a dash for freedom as the middle of the crop was cut. Some didn’t make it!!!!! Perhaps that is why they leave the uncut bits?

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