A short walk

1700/19th September 2023

A great sky and a delightful temperature encouraged me to go for a short walk the other afternoon.

Until now, being outside meant fighting off hordes of insects which rather detracts from the experience.


When I first came here five years ago, I found it rather a struggle, walking to the wall and back. Moving from the West Coast and all it entailed was pretty shattering but even after I had recovered from that minor undertaking, my legs were reluctant.

Or maybe it was my back. And my hips. And my feet. I’ve often had the impression I was put together with spare parts.


The biggest problem of such a move at my age is re-establishing health practitioners and there were one or two, or three bumps in the road.

For one thing, doctors here were reluctant to continue prescribing oxycodone that I had been on since my spinal fusion in 2007.

It’s a story in itself.

A boring one.


Instead I found a pain clinic and began having wholes series of injections. There was always a benefit, sometimes more than others.

New York Pain Management has the nicest doctor and staff. We got to know each other and it makes a huge difference to be treated respectfully and kindly.


It took some months to have the various nerves injected. By the time we had exhausted the list it was time to start around again, but the pain is under control and I find myself feeling better all over in a way I never have before.

Periodically my immune system kicks up one of its “flares” which lay me low for a few days, but they pass.


What seems so strange to me is that while I shall never be able to walk far or fast, my body has become more supple than it ever was. How could this be?

A hypothesis:

From the age of about 15, I was terribly self-conscious about my appearance.


My grandmother had a metabolic disorder and was quite a large lady. Mum and both her sisters had “weight issues” although by modern standards they were svelte.

So, I always felt fat. I had a daily exercise routine but even if I starved, I could not lose weight. Additionally, I was constantly full of anxiety, always in flight mode, tense.


Doctors were forever telling me to relax my neck and shoulders. It was something I tried unsuccessfully to do.

Over the past five years it seems as if all of that stress and tension have drained away, which is why I can now move better.

I was always a bit sceptical about the mind-body school of thought. But I am a true believer now.


While I bored you with all that, I took you to the wall and looked at the horse farm in the distance.

We believe Peanut the fox has her burrow somewhere behind the old stone wall.

It’s where we’ve seen her with her kits.


One of Peanut’s kits. A hot July evening.

Beautiful Peanut.


The woodpile from last Fall has become a feature. When it’s not too buggy, it’s nice to sit on the tree trunk to listen and watch birds darting in and out of their birdhouse, which is what last year’s intended bonfire became.


7 feet tall!

Invasive bushes were pulled from under the trees. Flowers can grow there now.


Later on, after my excursion to the wall, the sky grew very dark, but as the sun dropped to the horizon, we got another light show.

It is quite startling when this happens.


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  1. I’m sure when you’re relaxed, your body is healthier. It’s certainly not always easy, but it’s worth trying (and you have positive results to show for it). Thank you, it’s nice to walk with you in your big garden – it’s so lovely.

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