0700/22nd September 2023

Yesterday’s sunrise.



Yet another misty morning.

Prelude to a very nice last day of summer.

It has been an unusual one, but I suspect “usual” is a word we won’t employ much in the future.


Until this week I had never given sorghum a single thought. I knew it was some kind of plant. Low and behold, it grew of its own accord, just beyond my window and the sparrows love it.


As I frequently point out, I am no gardener. I barely know a tulip from a tangerine.

But I like watching plants grow, especially those that are clearly not meant to be in a flower bed, such as this odd-looking thing, identified as American burnweed.

Unless they are overwhelming another plant, I allow weeds to develop because I enjoy seeing the end product.

Sometimes this requires patience. I had begun to think burnweed would be a disappointment. But then…


As I took the photographs, seeds were being carried off in a gentle breeze.


Mum would have disapproved, but I can’t dislike something soft and fluffy.

If all these seeds germinate, my so-called garden may become entirely soft and fluffy.


Milkweed seeds are carried off in the same way. They are much larger.

Last Spring there was such an abundance in the flowerbeds, I had to keep removing them as there was not nearly enough space for so many.



After last year’s awful flop, we were happy to celebrate one confirmed launching of a Monarch butterfly.

We saw one or two others but can’t be sure they were from our crop of milkweed.


As I sit at my desk, I frequently turn my head to see what’s happening outside and yesterday there was a giant swallowtail flitting about the gaillardia.

Gaillardia is pretty amazing. As long as I remove dead blooms, new buds pop up and I think they will until first frost.


Just beyond the swallowtail, the injured groundhog was scrounging for leftover nuts.

There is clear evidence of a serious spinal injury, yet this animal gets itself around using its front legs.

Grant calls it Scooter


A little later I went to consult Master Sparrow about his requirements. He brought two trainees who merely observed; the technique of getting a human to cater to your needs.

They were issued fresh water and a bit more seed.

Then I dropped a handful of peanuts in the driveway in case Scooter returned.

But it wasn’t Scooter who got them.


If you read yesterday’s post, you may remember I wrote about Peanut the fox. Since the end of July we have seldom caught sight of her.


Just after 5 pm, look who turned up in the driveway and went straight for the peanuts! Who knew foxes liked peanuts? That’s how she got her name of course.

She brought the kits along too.


The kits have grown up.


“Don’t be running all over! “

But the kits are quite independent now.


Not wanting to disturb the foxes, Grant exited through another door, failing to close it properly. So I heard what sounded disturbingly like:

“The cats got out!”


Whether the sight of a fox frightened her or not, Willow opted to come back in.

Dee Dee however went to sit on the corner of a flowerbed to observe.

She and Peanut looked at one another but I cannot say what may have passed between them.


Dee Dee’s inscrutable fox-watching face.

She refused to come in until Peanut and her kits had run off.


Was it coincidence that Peanut turned up less than two hours after I wrote about her? Do we summon animals by thinking about them? If so, how come it only works sometimes? Life is mysterious.

As for coincidence, I have a couple of examples I can offer that to me seemed more than random.

Perhaps I’ll write about that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Scooter

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for today’s delightful post! I don’t think that you can bring in animals just by thinking of them, otherwise you could think of the lion or a crocodile, it would give your cats
    some excitement. Your photos of the foxes are perfect, capturing every hair!


  2. This is fascinating Carolyn, that groundhog sounds like something else. I don’t know whether we can summons up animals or not but I keep hoping that a certain wood pigeon comes and lands on my windowsill again.

  3. Wow, what an amazing sunrise! I love the fluffy white seed (it’s hard to imagine it’s a weed). And Peanut and her kits and also Scooter … great to see so many (and varied) visitors in your garden – I’m sure you’re just as happy about this.

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