Great expectations

Water lilies. 18th July 2023

Can you see the dragonfly? (left)


Looking at these pictures from two days ago, I realise that smoke appears to emphasise the different greens in our countryside.

But I’m glad it’s gone.


Late in the evening of a recent stormy day, I was drawn outside braving the attack of mosquitoes, to view an interesting sunset.

We have no view here of the western sky but the light can be spectacular.



One needs to be slightly careful when rushing out so precipitously, to check first for skunks.

Not an encounter you wish to have.

They are such curious creatures. Until this year we have not seen more than one at a time and never baby skunks. They seem to drift about staying close, so it’s hard to tell sometimes how many animals you are seeing. When it’s been raining, though they look bedraggled.

Powder puff.


Viewed from a distance, through a window screen and in poor light.

All fluffed up, they look quite large but they are tiny creatures.


This one had a large bald spot.

From cuddling so close?


Two evenings ago Grant came in from his walk calling in great excitement:

” A skunk is coming with babies!”

If you see skunk group-movements, it looks like a conga line, a long undulating black and white streak.


Skunks often come to the patio for peanuts and they seemed headed that way so I grabbed my camera, but Mama Skunk suddenly diverted her brood up into the woods and they did not return.

Well, we caught a glimpse at least.


The early evening also brings foxes.

The whole family this time.


The view from my window my be inelegant, but it is cheerful and at any moment one creature or another comes into view.

Bunny frolics!

Cheeky chap is smiling.


Once in a while a rare visitor arrives.

My friend Flicker!


Yesterday a Mockingbird came to sing for us briefly.

The Flicker and Mockingbird are certainly native to the area but my particular terrain is not quite right for them.

So they just pop in for a snack to be polite, with no great expectations.

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  1. Love-love the water lilies! But your animals steal the show! You are very fortunate to see so many wild animals so close to your home Carolyn. I would be very happy to see just the bunnies … let alone a whole family of foxes!

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