Story time

Muffin’s preferred method of transport

Muffin was never shy. She is Himalayan with the laid back view of the world that I have seen in all my Himalayan friends.

We believe her previous family had named her Sasha but already having one of those in residence, and wanting to erase all memories of that earlier life, we re-named her.

There had been a Yeti and a Thimphu, now I chose Sikkim. It being a Himalayan State. I thought it appropriate.

An “other” school of thought was that she is a Rag-doll, insisting on the name “Ragamuffin”, hence Muffin.

She is not a Rag-doll but the name stuck. I had to give in.

The cat in question said she really didn’t mind, but would we please make up our minds as she was getting confused.

Which was the basis on which I capitulated.

Stoic, in the manner of a true Himalayan, Muffin survived the overnight plane journey from Seattle followed by four hours on the road.

Knowing nothing of her history, we found out on take-off that this poor creature suffers from severe motion sickness.

Her feet once more on a stationary surface, she quietly settled in.

Grant thought she was sad.

One of her two companions had died. Did this account for her wistful appearance?

Perhaps it was the bladder stones that our new vet diagnosed. Our girl underwent surgery and physically she soon felt a whole lot better.

She did seem brighter and Grant went overboard showering her with affection.

Playing games, carrying her around.

“Hey! I’m not done with you yet!”

Muffin no longer looked sad, although she had a couple of really bad health scares that mercifully turned out to be hairballs.

You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to see a cat throw up.

These days, Muffin is quite assertive, in her sweet little Himalayan way.

She really quite likes to be talked to.

And she quite fancies if you tell her a story. So this morning I did just that:

“Once upon a time, Muffin, that is to say last year, a little squirrel came to live in our pine tree. The tall one by the garage.”

“It was a very special squirrel, quite unlike all the others. “

“This little boy was pale, pale grey with a very white tummy and a long, long tail.”

“All the other squirrels look so much alike, we don’t give them names, but we always would recognise this one, so we called him Ghost.”

“All last year Ghost visited”

“Such a jolly little chap.”

“Every day Ghost came by for a snack and we would smile and wave.”

“Then one day, Muffin, we realised that Ghost had not come by. Not that day, nor the day before or the day before that!

“Oh no! What happened?”

“Well, you know Muffin, sometimes squirrels have to do squirrel stuff. But then a week went by and another and we got very sad.”

“Did Ghost become a real ghost?”

“You should always hold out hope, Muffin, because you can never know for sure.”

“But I’ve heard that when you think about an animal enough, sometimes they know.”

“And then, if it’s the right thing, they come by so you can see them.”


“Hello missus! It’s me, Ghost!”

“I can’t stop long.”

“Got to keep a very low profile.”


“Cos those other ones…”


“You know, those common ones…”

“They chased me away!”

“All o’ them agin little ol’ me!”


“But I got the message that you’s was worried, so I just nipped in to say hi!”

“And to check on the old neighbourhood.”

“Keep an eye on it for me?”


“So that’s the story, Muffin.”

“Ghost went to live down the hill with ED and they will live happily ever after.”

“Oh I’m so glad. I hate sad endings.”

“Me too, Muffin. Me too!”

6 thoughts on “Story time

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for a delightful story! Reading or telling a story to your pet, is a big yes!
    Sometime ago I wrote a post of this title about many well known people reading bedtime stories to their pets. I told a story every night to my beloved Gaby and he listened attentively.


  2. Oh, I love this post, Carolyn! I was hoping to hear a happy story about Ghost, my favorite squirrel! And I do love the back stories behind your wonderful cats. Your courage in making that big move east is astonishing! Thank you!

  3. Muffin looks so happy in Grant’s arm. And those amazing blue eyes, she’ll be able to ask me anything and I’ll do it! And probably, just like Muffin, I listened with bated breath to the end of your story 🙂 . I like good endings too.

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