Not a murmur

31st May 2023

There’s one in every crowd.

Pushy, noisy, demanding.

Centre of attention.


Those that stand around, awaiting developments.

Those who harass their seniors.

Those who won’t get involved.

Then, there are those who defend.

Those who stand and wait.


“Keeping watch while you feed Junior!”

First day out of the nest.

“Now, children observe and learn.”

“And be silent!”

“Stan, you’re going to upset her!”

“Mum, where’re you going?”

“Will you for once keep your beak shut!”

“Now look what you did!”

“Fending for ourselves not such fun.”

“Where did everybody go?”

“It’s tough, learning to be a Starling”

“We’ll be good Mum. Come back?”

“I wos frighted, Mum!”

“Isn’t this where we started?”


My attachments to images of animals are harmless.

But with modern technology and just a little skill, it is so easy to doctor photographs.

And add a message cleverly worded to mislead people, to manipulate their thinking.

Will there ever again be a time when we can believe? Or trust?

Maybe it is the absence of this ability that makes so many young people angry today.

And why they are so confused.

“I can safely guarantee I’m a Crow.”

“And that one there is a Dove.”


“That was a shameful performance!”

“Don’t fly away when I’m talking!”

“You’re going to have to shape up!”

“Oh alright! Give us a nut?”


The annual drama of Starling fledglings!

I wouldn’t miss it.

Time to re-fill the suet feeders!

5 thoughts on “Not a murmur

  1. I love how you say “there’s always that one in a crowd” 🙃. Yes, it really seems to me whether it’s a group of people or a group of birds, the dynamic remains the same!

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