Where am I ?

0636/9th May 2023

0635/8th May 2023


Raising my blind this morning, I perceived a red-looking Sun lifting into the dawn sky.

In the past a red Sun indicated smoke from wildfires. I saw this in the summers of 2017-18, in Washington State and it happened here too, I think in 2021 when we got smoke from the awful fires in Canada.


It is too early in the year for wildfires and this morning was too cool for it to be heat haze.

As I continued to watch, It was as if a thick curtain was being drawn back.

If I say fire curtain in a movie theatre, will anyone know what I am talking about?


After breakfast, the Sun appeared to have reverted to its normal bright self, which is more than I can say for myself.

My PC has never acknowledged being in the same location as its owner. My previous one never did either. I didn’t get concerned about it, figuring there was a simple explanation for why it believed itself to be in Denver.

Perversely, when I re-located to New York, the PC decided it was back in Seattle.

So what? Did it matter? Apparently not.


There is a separate issue about the timing of photographs but that is a Carolyn/camera problem.

Yesterday, it was drawn to my attention that my PC had taken itself off several time zones further east to perhaps Karachi.

This was a surprise, I must say.


Not something I was going to worry about, however.

Till this afternoon when I got a monthly notice from my credit card company. Logging in to look at it….surprise:

“we do not recognise this device.”

The device itself hasn’t changed so?

Other parties can take over your computer but you have to authorize them to.

Or do you, in fact?

What if someone has taken over my PC remotely and is sitting out there waiting for me to login to my accounts so they can acquire my info?


Someone recently did a phishing expedition with my PC, sending me an email ostensibly from a friend in England who “needed help”.

Luckily Brain was awake for once and sent me its own message: !!!SCAM!!!!

So I let the “friend” continue sending messages till he/she gave up in a huff.

Which was quite pleasing.


This new development though, is a little worrying.

Perhaps I’ll spend the rest of the day monitoring my credit card account…

12 thoughts on “Where am I ?

  1. Changing all passwords is a pain but may be helpful.

    (I rather like the fantasy of you flitting over to Pakistan to post about wildlife in upstate New York. But – have to be careful with that time/ space warp continuum stuff. The cats would miss you!)

    1. In the “good old days” one could leave London on Concorde and arrive before you left. So to speak. You could also experience seeing the Sun rise in the west, if you caught the late flight out of Heathrow. Modern airliners are boring!

  2. You can confirm location in the PC settings. Before I confirmed my location, my PC insisted it was in America, presumably where it was made and tested?
    This is from the Internet.

    Why is my location wrong on my PC?
    Why is my PC location wrong?
    If you have turned off your location services on your PC, your location will be incorrect. Your personal computer is unable to pinpoint your location using your computer data and may attempt to use your IP address to estimate your location.

    How To Turn On Location Settings
    Go to the Start Menu.
    Click “Settings.”
    Choose “Privacy.”
    Choose “Location.”
    Turn on “Allow Access to Location on This Device,” “Allow Apps To Access Your Location,” and “Allow Desktop Apps To Access Your Location.”

    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I’d watch my cards too if I were you 👀 … how smart can cyber crooks be? Your photos of the rising sun are beautiful – and I’m sure it’s not in Karachi!

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