Not impressed

1050/9th May 2023

Another of those “quick” outings yesterday.

The preceding day, Grant had been out with a neighbour and they had seen Highland Cows.

Did I want to see them?

Well, of course!


On the way, we discovered a place where you can sit beside a canal.

Somehow, I had never noticed before that the town is called Northumberland.

Rushing water and a gentle breeze.


Having been promised Highland Cows, the driver would only slow down long enough for me to really see one.

There were more, but I wanted to get at least one photograph!

It’s not that there were cars behind us. Grant doesn’t much like people to see me taking pictures of their animals.

The way things are developing lately, he may have a point.


Flowering trees and bushes thriving.



Last year’s stunning Fall followed by a particularly pretty Spring


Lilacs, fruit trees, Dogwood…


The Saratoga Battle Monument was nearby so we went to take a look but there was a flood.

We couldn’t park, so continued on slowly.

Some Mallards were taking full advantage of the puddle.

On another drive we saw Wood Ducks


It was a day for waterfowl.

We tried to persuade this one not to cross the road, but it waited for us to pass and then crossed over anyway.

Sadly, at this time of year there is daily carnage on the roads, of various sorts.

Though very seldom feathered.


Just up the road, Wild Turkeys were showing off.


“For goodness sake, Tom! You’re making an exhibition of yourself!”

“Well, yeah. That’s the point, in’t it?”

Lady turkeys are not easy to impress.

6 thoughts on “Not impressed

  1. Again, I just love your turkey photos – and wood ducks! I have never seen them (except, sadly, stuffed on display). Thanks for the sight of live ones on water!

  2. Northumberland is a whole region here. Have you ever been? It is wonderful.
    Why should you not take photos of people’s animals? Especially Highland Cattle. I would think the owners would be pleased that you liked them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Sadly no. I don’t think most people would mind their animals being photographed but there are some weird folk around. Grant’s default action is to keep his head down. These days a low profile seems a good idea.

  3. The canal looks like a nice place to relax. Thanks for showing me what a Highland Cow looks like and the Wood Ducks are beautiful (I’ve never seen one). So, come to think of it, you introduced me to two new animals today – thank you so much!

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