1815/6th May 2023

Every time I see it happen, it’s as if it’s the first time. I’ve been enjoying the early evening light here for nearly 5 years.

But I still rush outside for these brief moments when floodlights bathe our trees…

..after first checking that I won’t be disturbing someone’s dinner…


Last summer a fox began visiting and she liked nuts, so we called her Peanut.

Over the winter we didn’t see her.

A few weeks ago when she re-appeared, she was obviously pregnant. Then we didn’t see her again until a few nights ago.


It looks as if she plans to resume evening visits.

No sign of her babies, but another, smaller fox was with her last night. Maybe one of last year’s kits. We know she had some.

Beautiful creatures.


The groundhogs also tend to be looking for snacks in the evening.

We know there are babies, but they have not been allowed out yet .


For a month, there was very little activity around the groundhog hole and we wondered what could have changed.

Our offerings of carrot often remained uneaten.

Suddenly….I can’t keep them supplied quickly enough! Luckily the price has dropped since that first $5 bag!


There will always be someone getting disturbed.



But they are always back like a shot.

“Were you bringing more nuts?”


The Thrasher has returned. Busy as ever, I always want to call him Dasher.

He and *Zoomer could run a race .

The Thrasher forages under hedges searching for insects, but he’s not above stopping for a seed and a beak-full of water.

A very smart-looking bird.


*Zoomer is the chipmunk


There are faces looking at me everywhere.

No, I’m not paranoid. I love them all.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch I’ll admit, but lots of people see faces in clouds.

Why not in water drops?

Especially when they are smiling.


If you read my blog in winter, you will know that I am very fond of ice.

It compels me to photograph it.

It’s not icy now, but there is a substitution.

11 thoughts on “Substitutes

  1. My afternoon treat! When I lived in the mid-Hudson valley we had foxes who who seemed to parade their kits in early summer. And once we saw an epic (no blood was shed) stand-off between a tribe of turkeys and a fox.

  2. Hello – Your blog heading tells me this was published on May 9th. My computer assures me that today is May 8th. (Did they really land people on the moon? Is the world actually flat after all?)

    1. Maybe it is flat! My computer has always tried to persuade me that I was somewhere I wasn’t, but Karachi is a new one. It used to be Colorado I think. No idea why.

  3. One can clearly see in your photos of the fox how alert she is … and yet you managed to take photos of her. And, may I say, your water drop photos are an excellent substitute for your winter ice photos ๐ŸŒŸ.

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