0828/5th March 2023

Master Sparrow was vexed:

“All these visitors and nowhere for them to perch!”


“Spikey-beaks are going to raid the feeders!”

The Starlings waited till I came back in and then…


“Let’s go get breakfast!”

“Lunch and dinner…”


“Those chaps have no sense of decorum!”

“Wow! I’ll be back later!”


With snow still falling after dawn yesterday, the feed trays were moved onto the deck which is where the starlings chose to feed, while Master Sparrow and his guests were obliged to make do with what they could scrounge in the snow.

“Chaps, I’m really sorry about this!”

“Yes, yes, we’re really, really sorry!”

…sang the Sparrow chorus.

“If this continues, I shall lose my reputation!”

“They’ll say I’ve lost control of my feeding station!”

“No worries! Live in the Now!”

said cousin White Throat.


“You aren’t taking my picture, are you?”

The squirrels noted the forecast and ate their fill on Friday, so they could bunker down and yesterday there was not a squirrel in sight.


Before the storm, right…

…and early yesterday morning.


It’s amazing to see how many little feet come by.

When there’s no snow, sometimes they leave other calling cards. One can always tell when a skunk has been past and had an altercation!


They are such dainty, pretty creatures.

But their parfum…phew!

When they have sprayed an aggressor, I already know, before going outside. That’s how strong it is. It’s a good reason not to go wandering about in the dark which is when they are often about.

Last summer a bear dropped a large calling card. A neighbour saw it in his garden but sadly we did not.

Years ago when visiting friends in British Colombia, I went for a walk one afternoon and suddenly spotted a bear further down the road.

Much as I wanted to introduce myself, it was quite a lot bigger than me, so I decided to alter my course.


Hard to tell if the crows were annoyed over new snow,

…or just having a frolick. It was still too dark for a decent picture and though I did not approach the window, they saw me and flew off.

Animals always know, even without seeing you.


Heavy wet snow weighed down trees and bushes.

Elsewhere, the storm included hurricane force winds.


This one is for readers in England.

Perhaps some of them, anyway…

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  1. Looks like a lot of snow (and heavy)! And yet the birds are visible everywhere – they don’t seem to be terribly bothered by the snow šŸ™‚. But then again, they do get their meals on a plate (literally). Although a bear is a beautiful animal, I don’t think I would like to find one on my walking path!

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