Nice when you get there

3rd March 2023

This aeroplane, we felt, must have gone putt, putt, putt!

Do aeroplanes always leave contrails? Presumably not, or we would see them all the time.

Therefore, it must depend on the weather and it seems to me that I often observe contrails on days preceding a storm.

Something to watch out for in the future.


Whatever was coming, yesterday started beautifully.

At the Post Office, I saw a bunny.


The other day, we had gone zig instead of zag.

So we now made a second attempt…


Arriving again at Stump Church, from a new angle.

On 1st March it had been an overcast day, above.

The fence made a nice image, in the snow.


Not knowing our destination, I wasn’t much help.

“You know, that place we went?”… “Not a clue!”


Under a clear sky, things look different.

Remember us from the other day?


The contrails seemed to be diffusing,

…subtly morphing into a thin cloud cover.


Ah! The yellow barn! Different approach, different sky.


Icicles on a rocky outcrop.

We crested a hill and saw crows…everywhere!


Hopefully they ate their fill, as today the ground is once more under six inches of snow.

The Winter Storm Warning had been lifted, so maybe we were not to take seriously the snow that began to fall at 10 pm last night.

It tapered off late this morning leaving a six inch, heavy, wet covering, enough to warrant the plow coming to clear the driveway.

Most people will be pleased to see an end to Winter. For me the approach of Spring is like a trip you don’t want to take, but you know it will be nice when you get there….

Winter is just so breath takingly beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Nice when you get there

  1. I love to see your photos of snow, and the icicles. Just as long as I don’t get to take any similar ones here in Beetley.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Mmm, I like those fence photos … oh, and the one of the church is beautiful too. No wait, your photo of the snow bunny is my favourite!! Yes, your Winter is indeed a wonderland – I really enjoy your photos this year!

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