1st March 2023

Wearing a hat in bed, as a defense against a cat that pulls hair, only worked for as long as it took Toby (said cat) to find another way of getting me to rise at his command.


Well, I was happy to lose the hat which interfered with my body thermostat. Previously, I had used a pillowcase, which was not satisfactory as it made me feel smothered.

So now I have a towel to hand, which I drag over my head to discourage the biter and the “licker”, Patches. She does ears.

Why, I don’t know, but I’ve never been a fan of hats. With one exception. In the 70’s we had a uniform hat that solved all of our hair issues. In those days hair was to be off the shoulder, in whatever way you decided to comply.

Then came the Clive uniform and it’s bowl-shaped hat that fit perfectly onto the back of your head. All you had to do was shove your hair underneath to be in compliance.

Until some ass decided that we really should not be wearing our hats indoors. Around this time fortunately, the rules relaxed slightly so that we could wear our hair pulled back in a clip.

Other than the Clive hat and my old school hat that I was stuck with, I have always avoided them. Yet today I sit here typing with one of Grant’s baseball caps on my head…

The jokers at the weather bureau were wrong again. Surprise. What do you expect from an outfit with an App that invites:

You can describe the current conditions at your location to help improve forecasts.”

One could have fun with that.

What has that to do with me donning a baseball cap?

With snow still on the ground, bright sunlight becomes blinding to the point where it is very hard to evaluate photographs on my screen.

The cap’s visor prevents the glare reaching my eyes as I lean forward to squint at the screen.

This used not to be a problem when I had transition glasses which automatically darkened. But my new prescription with it’s complex combination of prisms did not allow for transitions.

There are other solutions, of course.

Blinds, curtains, screens.

But I don’t want to shut out the light or the view.

Quite often, I notice things going on outside that require investigation, or a photograph, or both.

So I decided to try the baseball cap.

The trouble with that came when I attempted to sip my cup of Milo.

Apparently one is not supposed to drink from a mug when wearing a baseball hat.

Like most humans, I create my own problems.

It really isn’t one, most of the day, or on dull days.

Or days when there is no snow.

According to yesterday’s outlook, we should be receiving a foot of the white stuff currently.

Perhaps someone else thought they would have fun with that App?

But the Winter Storm Warning has disappeared.

There is the promise of precipitation but the form thereof remains to be seen.

Safe to say it will be a soggy Saturday.

Milo. It has become my warm beverage of preference. My afternoon splurge. Everything else just tastes weird.

Grant drinks it too, so we get through a can quickly. It is not available in our local stores, so I order it from Amazon.

The supply we get is from South America.

Manufactured in Colombia.

When the shipment arrived this time, it was delivered in a large box that rattled, which was unusual.

It turned out that the Milo was in larger cans, most of which appeared to have been used for football practice.

A few dents weren’t going to damage the contents but I was curious about the new look so I scrutinized the container.

The shipment had come, supposedly, from somewhere in South America. But it had originated, of all places, in Singapore which is where it was manufactured.

Well why not?

Two years ago, when I had stitches removed, the “one use only” kit was given to me and I discovered that it had been manufactured in Pakistan and packed in Mexico.

Common sense and efficiency are things of the past.

If you are a connoisseur of Milo, however, you will discover that Singapore Milo is not the same as Colombia Milo.

Perhaps you shouldn’t expect it to be, but when you are shopping you are not offered the choice.

How often are we offered the opportunity to choose the origin of any of the products we purchase online?


How much does the average person really have, in this modern world?

It is just a passing thought.

Some choices are precious and one should never take them for granted.

How many, in this world, are free to choose where to live?

The choice I was able to make, to live in Upstate New York with my pets and a caring friend, has given me more joy than I can express.

For however long it lasts, I will be eternally grateful.

7 thoughts on “Choices

  1. You really took me back with Milo! I loved that drink as a child, and had no idea it was still sold today. I looked it up, and it is widely available here, not just from Amazon. My mum used to buy it as a change from Ovaltine.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The only times I wear a hat is when we hike – to keep the hot sun off my face. We love Milo (in the winter) … and especially the Nestle version. I think it is produced locally (wanted to look in the cupboard now, but seems to me our can has already been thrown away – time for some shopping 🙂). Your photos are beautiful – I am always surprised to see so much colour in your snow photos!

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