A new visitor

0704/9th December 2022

Interruptions and annoyances. It’s one of those days.

“Deliveries” that weren’t delivered, etc.

And my photo-editing system is suffering from severe hesitation again. Which makes me want to take a hammer to it.

Just as well it’s only a program contained within my PC or I should probably have pitched it out the front door.

But I remind myself of what a luxury the whole thing is.

A new visitor last night that I was able to capture with my iPhone.

The tiniest possum. See her dainty toes! I love possums.

When my photo editor acts up I suspect it may have something to do with excessive inventory and I have paid more attention to this lately but as fast as I dump old pictures, new ones seem to arrive.

This is a familiar scene, in it’s Winter clothes.

Before the snow, that is.

Another of my favourites.

These are on the way to Clifton Park.

Old corn stalks appear golden in the early sun.

An empty road bathed in early light.

The “Llama house”

For once we caught sight of one. As far as we know, there are two but they seldom put in an appearance.

The Hudson was like glass this day.

A Willow in Winter configuration:

Beautiful in any season.

Today’s “prompt”: What could you do less of?

That’s obvious: Take fewer pictures. No.

Same image as at the top, same time of day one week ago.

Lighting is totally different.

And the “S” word is in the forecast. For what that’s worth.

6 thoughts on “A new visitor

  1. I had a cousin of that visitor here in Missouri last night, but I didn’t have my camera with me. It was very plump and wearing a beautiful gray coat, but not tiny at all. Bigger than a cat! Magnificent!

  2. Dainty AND pink little toes – too cute – love your new visitor! The sky in some of the photos are so blue, it doesn’t even look like winter … but I presume it’s cold.

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