A competition of Forces

8th December 2022 Canal 4, Hudson River

Outings to Clifton Park are always worthwhile.

No matter which route we pick, we are never disappointed.

A momentary distraction yesterday, caused us to miss the turn we planned onto Cheesecake Factory Road.

But as a result not a minute later, Grant spotted a large owl sitting on a power line. There was no chance of getting its photograph, but it was a treat as we had not seen one in the wild here before.

Our woods are not sufficiently dense. It was unusual, I think to see an owl out and about in broad daylight.

But owl it was, for sure. I have always regarded them as special.

Yesterday being so fine, we pulled in to another of the little parks that line the Hudson. This one, is at lock #4.

It was a good day for reflection…

Dried grasses and berries attracted my attention.

Stillwater in the distance behind the railway bridge.

As we turned to leave, I caught a couple of sleepy heads:

River and Sky competing for attention:

Patches of sunlight

Saratoga Battlefield Monument on right.

And again, centre.

Which is better? With or without?

8 thoughts on “A competition of Forces

  1. We sometimes see Barn Owls flying low over Beetley Meadows, hunting for rodents. It is rare to see them during the day, but I was told it means they are extra-hungry so have to break their usual nocturnal habits.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I like the reflections in the water and that photo of Stillwater behind the railway bridge … definitely a good day to be out on the road. Strangely though, I like the photo with the telephone polls 🙃.

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