The bird cafe

24th November 2022

Our feeders were apparently recommended on the Avian World Web,

as a good place to drop in for a quick snack.

Last month it was a handsome group of Starlings.

Nice-looking lads they were.

Yesterday, a lonely Cowbird came by and allowed me a quick photograph before continuing on its way.

Cowbird tails are not supposed to look like this.

Finches come and go. On right, the House variety

Above a Golden finch.

A group of Chickadees are spending winter with us.

They are not at all shy but they move very fast and they are tiny, so hard to capture photographically.

The Titmouse apparently had a very successful breeding season. It’s nice to see them more often.

How did birds so similar in size and habitat, evolve to look so different?

Nature is such a brilliant artist.

“What about us? We’re pretty too, don’t you think?”

Ghost gets around.

“Got to keep moving, missus! Places to go, nuts to eat!”

“Well this one’s mine!”

A few pictures from November 15th…

This is the route to Glens Falls and Queensbury

Though we often meander a bit.

This day, the geese were in dry dock.

14th November 2022

6 thoughts on “The bird cafe

  1. I know Christmas is different for you and me but for some reason I keep returning to that first shot of the starlings gathered at the communal table. It’s so Christmas for me. Togetherness. Sharing. Food. Love. My heart keeps warming over seeing that photo.

    Thank you so much for sharing that piece of beauty.

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