That day…

0820/30th November 2022

This could well be that direst of days I mentioned, in which there is not a glimmer of sunlight.

In lieu of ice crystals this morning, a solid flan-shaped block though it slid easily out of the tray, no bashing required!

This is how my sculpture begins, but the weather is not yet consistently cold enough to sustain it. It is a compulsion of mine, to make use of things. Everything!

Um….what purpose do they serve? What are they?

Four-legged animals of some kind! (Can’t you tell?)

Those dated clips, that hold together the bag your loaf is in. ($5 now!…A loaf of bread!!)

Years ago, I heard somewhere that those clips should be saved, for what reason I can’t remember, but I began collecting them. Of course they are actually multi-purpose clips, used not just for containing your loaf, so soon I had a whole lot of the damn things and no idea who had wanted them.

My fingers then still had slight dexterity. I employed dental floss and pins, fluff of a cat…

Simple things, they say, please simple minds. Oh well.

Although it is not really cold, it is very windy today.

Clouds are moving rapidly from the south and I thought, a moment ago that I saw a lightening in the sky…

The moment has passed…

Well the day is not yet done.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from a brighter day.

Little Red, on the right.

Black Nose (above), son of Little Red (perhaps)

Little Red’s tail is sort of fanned out (above)

and son’s nose is darker.

Here’s the picture that was eluding me….note the tail.

Half an hour I spent, searching for the right image!

But I only found it after I began looking for another, which now eludes me. (Of course)

And I came upon the imperfect pictures I captured in early November of a Bluebird that was just passing.

We’ve only ever seen a Bluebird once before. It seems they prefer to dine elsewhere. Nice to see it though.

Zoomer ought to be hibernating, but he still pops up periodically to take up position on the lookout.

He doesn’t fancy being an appetizer for Mr Cooper

You’ve seen this chap before, I know.

But he is really awfully sweet.

In truth, I am very distracted, due to a rather dreaded appointment.

So I have been grabbing random pictures to post..

In which process I find there are still ever-so many Fall images I never shared so perhaps I’ll take you back…

next time….

7 thoughts on “That day…

  1. $5 for a loaf of sliced (fake) bread is unacceptable to me. I buy a ‘solid’ white farmhouse loaf (Baked in-store) , and cut it myself. That has increased in price to £1.40, (from £1.10), but lasts me for five days of tasty (thick-sliced) sandwiches.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Of course those are animals … and the beauty of it is that you can call them anything – a mouse maybe or a little piggy, who knows! If photos make you feel better … look at them, share them and relive the wonderful moment when you took those 💌. I am the last person who will complain about more Fall photos!
    Oh, and as for the clips … we always take a few with us when we go camping. They are indeed good for a couple of things, like keeping your flip-flop together when the rubber band gets out of that little hole between your toes!

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