Bad idea?

1535/28th November 2022

Yesterday came good just in time for the going down of the sun.

Always a favourite time of day for me.

Winter days may be short but light is so perfect this time of year.

Even, for a brief moment, after sunset, when it turns deep blue.

Having misread my weather app, I expected a cold morning.

But the temperature had dropped to just freezing and I upended the water bowls to be re-filled…

Oh, but what had we here?

How could I not take a photograph?

About to re-fill the trays, I happened to notice…

…ice crystals

Anticipating frost, I had pulled on gloves to protect my sore fingers.

So I fumbled about alternating between camera and phone.

It made me wonder what specific circumstances must exist for these shapes to form?

Other days, when it’s been just freezing, I have tipped slush from these trays.

It proves the point that you should always be on lookout!

Much as I love Winter my fingers suffer, becoming cracked and bleeding. Such a minor thing, yet it makes me quite bad-tempered!

And it’s not yet been really cold.

Sikkim was less than pleased this morning as she had to go for a blood-draw at the vet’s.

Fortunately, it’s not far as she gets motion-sick.

Snow on the Green Mountains.

Waiting outside the vet’s we contemplated the huge oak tree which is stubbornly holding onto its leaves.

How dense they are.

We debated the leaf colour, but couldn’t decide.

Having encountered road works, we opted to return via a different route

past Common Sense Farm which is run by a cult.

We encountered more road works.

Mostly this consists of guys in orange safety vests standing around, one of them holding a sign saying “SLOW” or “STOP”, as he rotates it lethargically.

At the Post Office, a dog sighting:

It saw my camera and pulled its head in. Hmphf!

Leaving the Post Office….

You guessed it!

If you blink, you miss the whole of Cambridge.

Here we were passing the strange collection of old mobile homes, on the right. It seems a very bizarre idea, but to each his own.

It’s just such an eyesore.

If I lived in one of these homes, I would not be happy.

At least the election signs are gone.

Though I did see a new sign that said “Thank you for voting for me!”

Not sure I did.

We always say hello to the horses. We would love to visit them

but I would have to fake taking riding lessons.

Probably not a good idea.

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  1. Oh, how beautiful the ice crystals are! Can’t believe it’s that time of year (at least in your part of the world it is)! I know why you couldn’t agree on the leaf colour of the oak tree … because it looks totally different in the two photos. I guess it depends from which side you look at it 😉.

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