1728/21st July 2022

It would appear that yesterday’s tardy service at the Wildlife Cafe led to confusion…

The groundhogs having been notable by their absence,

this morning, even more noticeable considering the normal circus of their breakfast, the squirrels were nowhere to be seen.

Strangely, this sometimes happens, for reasons we cannot begin to guess.

It is rare to capture images of more than two squirrels at a time because they chase each other viciously.

But at a minimum, there are always 4 on the patio and one on the patio table.

Up at the tree line several more always wait to join the fray. It’s choreographed chaos.

Their smaller, more maneuverable cousin takes advantage of their squabble and is in and out like a Red flash.

Willow supervises two by the front door,

Another two will be in front of the kitchen window and often one stares in from the porch.

“Hellooo? Anyone alive in there?”

So you will understand that we notice when they are not around.

Although when I asked Grant what was wrong with this picture he muttered “I’ve no idea.”

He’s so grumpy before he’s said good morning to the cats!

Yesterday it was the groundhogs that were absent and I joked that they were in conference.

Whatever the function, it appeared to end at about 5 o’clock. Then it was rather like when a concert ends and a few always sneak out before the applause, to avoid the rush.

Two younger groundhogs suddenly appeared.

I could swear they were saying to one another: “Well thank God that’s over!”

Then Mom turned up with the more robust of her daughters and they had a natter over some late carrot.

The bedraggled squirt scrounged for leftovers.

After a tease of rain yesterday we finally got a respectable storm

“Thunderstorm Watch” means you should go out and watch, right?

That’s what we do…

Watching the coming together of darkness and light:

Two weather patterns colliding noisily.

Finally the much needed rain.

As often happens, the sun broke through in shafts

Somewhere there had to be a rainbow but we were too close to see it.

We were flood lit!

Feeling quite energized, I took a few dozen pictures as the storm progressed.

Thunderstorms can be very dangerous, which I fully appreciate. Though I go outside to take photographs, I don’t take chances.

So what happened to the squirrels this morning?

They must have taken note, yesterday, of delayed service and decided to sleep in, because first one and then another dozy specimen finally turned up late.

The pigeons had the last laugh, as today they had first pick from the seed trays.

But Grant and I went out and left them all to it.

Back to my routine, I was up in time for this morning’s great spectacle.

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  1. I normally spend quite some time looking twice to your furry friends’ photos, but today it was your photos of nature that grabbed my attention! Wow Carolyn, how beautiful are your thunderstorm clouds … and then the highlight, the sun throwing it’s rays through the trees … breathtaking beautiful 💌.

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