Bunnies now and then

1955/22nd July 2022

Not that it is any of my business at all, but I am curious about what is growing on the opposite hill. I cannot remember ever seeing a crop quite that colour.

It’s a sharp contrast to everything that is so green.

Celebrating that the car’s air conditioner is functioning, Grant was keen for another drive.

Without a plan, we headed west to Lake Saratoga.

Some geese were hanging out behind a fence and when I approached for a better shot, they made a big exhibition of being disturbed, flapping and honking.

All for show. I was hardly going to climb the fence.

They calmly paddled off.

Before long, we found another group.

Canada geese can be found everywhere.

In this case, Lake Desolation.

A lovely location but as in most of these places, access is private so it was impossible to get a good image of the water lilies.

Just quick shots as we zoomed by.

We carried on toward Lake Sacandaga where the only photograph I got was of the sky.

It’s understandable that people want to preserve the beauty of such places and yet you wonder how much they actually appreciate what they have.

Almost all properties have a sizeable motor boat.

If I had a lakeside property I would find the sound intrusive.

A disappointing drive although, as Grant pointed out, it all counts as research!

Inevitably, we found another unused railway.

In Schuylerville I got a picture of the Cantina horse.

As Grant put lunch together (late again!), he called me to come see a baby bunny with a bit of carrot

We are so easily pleased.

But before long, competition arrived.

And bunny was pushed aside!

“She took my lunch!”

“This is our patch, little bunny.”

“You better run along now.”

“What? Don’t you put these here for me?”

Next thing you know, Grant’s got the grater out.

“What are you doing?”

“For the bunny. You know they like it grated.”

“But it’s gone.”

“It’ll come back!”

If I was to take out a plate for the bunny, I figured I’d take more for our other friend.

And dropped two lumps on the porch table.

Not long after, the plate was empty but I couldn’t say whose tummy benefited.

“You two are soft!” said Lily.

“Yes we are. Didn’t you just push me off the sofa?”

Lily, left and Penny

She just gets behind me and shoves.


These creatures have us firmly wrapped around their little sharp claws.

But really, could you say “no”, to this face?

(On the wall, my boy Panther.)

Evidence that bunnies like grated carrot.

Joel’s paws turned bright orange.

My bunnies Joel and Macy had sizeable accommodation.

Lily particularly liked visiting them.

15 thoughts on “Bunnies now and then

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for such a pleasure tonight! I also, appreciate the time you have to steal from the Holywood stars you share your abode with, to read and comment on my post. I think someone should come and film a new version of Dr Dolittle at your home and in the garden.


  2. “If I had a lakeside property I would find the sound intrusive.”
    And more than intrusive.
    Whenever I have visited or rented a place on a lake, I found the noise of the boats unendurable. Completely destroying the idea of peace and quiet and lakeside serenity. Awful. It’s quieter in the city.

  3. We think the crop on your hill might be wheat or oats. It’s a beautiful, golden color.


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