1828/2nd July 2022

There’s not much that’s pleasing going on at ground level these days, so gazing at the sky is ever more therapeutic.

Overnight rain ceased early yesterday and we were graced with another warm and very lovely evening…

…fast forward…

By 6 am I was out filling the feeders beneath what seemed a heavy overcast but when I stopped to consider, I decided it was worth a photograph.

Or three.

Down in the corn field, a doe stopped to watch but when she sensed my interest, she hastened off.

This is probably the same solitary girl that we have been seeing lately up by the house.

No sign this year, of frolicking fawns.

No sign either, of last year’s beautiful hollyhock. Unidentifiable leaves grew in its place, with such enthusiasm, I felt they deserved a chance.

But what where they? They grew and grew, finally developing buds that were very reluctant to declare themselves.

Could I finally have grown a sunflower? I try every year without success.

Yesterday, I decided it’s a a variety of Black-eyed Susan. I have others that are only half the size and don’t have fuzzy stems.

Which validates my policy of not removing anything I am unsure of!

Some turn out to be “weeds” but, just like human beings, they can look attractive in the right light!

The hollyhock I planted two years ago was up by the well. It promptly keeled over and expired.

Then last year, another mystery plant turned out to be a sort of re-incarnation. In a different bed. How it got there, I can only guess but it was gorgeous.

This year, it’s “become” this Black-eyed Susan.

In among the muddle of plants, Spirea is staging a brave comeback. (Below)

And the lilies have turned dark red. These are different to the orange ones I posted recently, but I couldn’t tell you which is what! Surely they weren’t this colour last year?

One learns to be pleased with whatever arrives.

And to accept the demises.

Though I am sad that my Shasta daisy seems to have been among the fatalities.

Currently a flowering “weed” has taken its place.

Shasta daisy thrived right up until our first heavy frost last Fall. A simple flower, I have a particular fondness for it. Maybe because my mother’s name was Daisy.

Though almost everyone called her “Willis”.

When we pass the garden centre on Tuesday, we may have to stop in for replacements.

Weed may have to trans-migrate.

Or not.

At least it is Groundhog resistant.


The milkweed has gone to hell with itself, far too scruffy now for a photograph! It’s more than a foot taller than last year. 5′ 6″. My height…

…now that I am 2 inches shorter 🙁

I think our little doe, in the picture above has been chomping on the milkweed nightly, which doesn’t help its appearance.

Its flowers are sad, like all flowers when they are done.

But there is much insect activity going on in the foliage, so it will stay for the duration.

While hunting for Monarch caterpillars the other day, I came eye-to-eye with this little Crab spider that obligingly allowed me to poke my lens in its direction.

They are very much smaller than me, but on principle I avoid spiders. Small ones I will bravely escort out, but anything with long hairy legs…SCREAM.

No matter how friendly it might be, I don’t want to feel those feet touching my skin. Urgh!

“Could you not love me and my little pet bug?”

“You and your pet are welcome to live in the milkweed!”

“And don’t eat the bees!”

Admist my eclectic assortment of plants this year, we have Queen Anne’s lace. It will have wafted here on a breeze or some bird’s foot, I suppose.

Its friends live down in the meadow, but she is welcome to stay as I find her rather exquisite.

And I can enjoy her without risking tick fever!


As I washed breakfast dishes, my eyes drifted skyward once more:

It has turned into another stunning day.

At this rate I may have to confess that Summer is almost acceptable.

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  1. It’s amazing how different flowers and plants just miraculously make their appearance in your garden when you didn’t plant them there … I want a garden like that! Lovely pictures – both on the ground and up in the sky!

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