All in the timing

0554/4th July 2022

It appears that I rose at 5:30 this morning.

Muttering that it was “late”, I did all the usual things, stopping once or twice to capture the moment and when it was all done I sat with the iPad “Wordling” and “Worldling”…

There are days (yesterday), when the brain shuts down:

“Nope. Not happening! On strike!”

Today was not like that, so I was soon done.

The cats were beginning to kick things around, a general reminder that now they are on half rations, we’d at least better be prompt about it.

(Suddenly, they have incentive to clean their bowls)

By which time, I began to wonder about the Sleeping Beauty. I was considering calling out to check on him, when I noticed the clock.

Oh. Done it again. It was only 7 am, not 8.

So I went back out with the camera.

It had been totally clear when I went out at 5:30, but the rising Sun carried enough warmth to evaporate overnight dew, forming a light mist.

How many such moments have I missed, lying in bed?

Too many, I’m sure, but they are slowly coming back into range and eventually our whole routine will flip.

Grant will be up clattering about, while I lie protesting that it’s still dark.

Not quite yet!

While I was dancing around doing this, I looked down to see Baby Zoomer almost at my feet. Without much effort, I am sure I could persuade some of these creatures to feed from my hand.

Much as I would love to, I think it’s best they maintain a healthy fear of our species.

Some of the groundhog babies are also very bold.

And numerous. They seem to be darting about all over the place these days.

Earlier, Grant mentioned another drive, but he had something to do first and his departure was held up while he searched for Toby who had gone walk-about.

Shaking the treat container, we both marched up and down, no Toby. I told Grant to go do his thing and continued the search.

These cats are little buggers.

They hear you call and plead and beg.

And they ignore you.

“Treats? Nah. Not today.”

Lily did this yesterday.

Maybe a protest against half-rations.

Turning to go back in the house, I nearly fell over the boy.

“What? I’m here!”

Then he had to have his customary dirt bath, always in the same spot so there is now an actual depression in the brick work.

Just right for me to fall over.

Finally, I got back indoors and spent some time plotting out a potential itinerary for the drive.

But Grant is now “having tea” with our neighbour, so I’m guessing the trip may be forgotten.

In which case I’ll have time to finish editing pictures from the last one.

Is this where the expression comes from:

“High tailing it”?

“I need a drink!”

“You all get down here NOW!

“I smell more dinner. Keep up or you starve!”

Off she shot. I think she was rather hoping to lose her precious little darlings.

“Hurry-yup! We’ll be left behind!”

“Oh drat. Not a minute’s peace!”

Poor Mum. She didn’t know whether to eat or swat bugs.

I got dizzy just watching her.

At least the furry babies are easy to identify.

Bird babies are a challenge but Google is a help.

This is a baby grackle. They always look astonished.

It appears Starlings fledge first, which is just as well considering the total bedlam they cause.

Now that that is over…

A few days ago the Red-wings were back.

Their babies start out with brown speckles…

and gradually morph…

Cardinals are a problem because the males and females are so different:

Madame’s picture was taken on March 9th.

Dad was stuck with baby, this damp July morning…

…but he did a good job!

He allowed a photograph on the understanding I would point out that he usually looks much more handsome!

Yes indeed. A mighty fine couple.

5 thoughts on “All in the timing

  1. Oh … and suddenly I want your winter to be back soon … beautiful pictures of the cardinal in the snowy tree! It seems the half-rations of the cats are the beginning of a possible uproar 😉.

  2. Your creatures give you such endless daily delights. I can understand why you are not so bothered about leaving home.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Thanks for the lovely shots, especially those of the early morn sun. They are whispering something to my heart. I need to lean in to make out what it is.

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