0740/12th June 2022

Yesterday morning Grant saw a fawn with its mother, just down the road.

As is often the case, at such times, I was not in the car.

However, this morning a splendid chap came to visit.

We don’t often see bucks, so it was a treat.

There was a female with him. They went down the hill and bounced off through the long grass in the field.

It’s getting so I spend half the day staring out a window, not wanting to miss anything.

Last night the tiniest of the babies emerged.

Mother is never far away, though the babies become independent very quickly

But not quite yet.

This was the first time we’ve seen a groundhog feeding its kit.

There were a couple of other babies to see yesterday, though the images are not good:

Our neighbour down the hill left a harvest wreath on his front door and recently discovered a bird had nested in it. The other nest is in his garage. I’m not sure what they are. I didn’t want to disturb them just to get better pics.

Willow has been providing nighttime entertainment again lately in the form of mouse patrol.

Three fatalities and three rescues so far.

Although yesterday I think there was one more of the latter, the only remaining evidence 2 blobs of blood:(

No doubt the mice have been breeding as well. Willow regards it as her duty to keep the numbers in check.

You can always tell when Willow’s got a mouse, because she talks to her captives.

“Arr. Arr!”

There is a somewhat larger creature inhabiting the loft at the moment. It crashes around at night which I am willing to tolerate as long as it doesn’t eat electrical wiring.

Which could be a bother.

We shall be busy riding around again this week.

Hopefully I will be offered a solution to my eye problem, though I can’t quite imagine what.

Then there’s my newly discovered podiatrist who diagnosed and fixed my sore foot in ten minutes which cheered me up no end.

And back to primary care. We got off to a bad start but when she insisted on viewing my foot (which was not necessary) we talked more and I was less discouraged, so I’m keeping an open mind.

Maybe we’ll go by the lily pond again.

It was very Monet.

Anyway, there’s always something to see, even if it’s only colourful weeds.

Grant often gives the walkers a ride when they are exhausted from their morning constitutional.

We wouldn’t want them to faint.

Lily is usually nowhere to be found when Grant calls the gang back in.

Today was no exception so Grant wandered off down the driveway to look for her.

After a few minutes I heard Lily’s plaintiff MIAOW!

There she was, still on the wrong side of the door, but this time she wanted to come in.

“You called me to come in, so open the door!” she wailed.

But first she had a dust bath.

Lily has the loudest voice, but she isn’t our only talker.

Lucy can be quite demanding, though it isn’t always clear exactly what.

Sometimes it’s a request for food but often she just comes to shout at me.

She’s not a cuddler but she likes to pin me down, preferably with no other cat near by.

Toby talks to a ghost in the basement.

Tinkerbelle and Penny talk to their toys.

As a result of her recent hairball adventures, we now give Sikkim Laxatone to help the hair move through.

We didn’t have much luck administering it at first.

It’s sticky and has to be smeared on her tongue.

For five years, this little cat never sought to sit in my lap, clearly devoted only to Grant.

Suddenly, after her illness, she came to me, requesting pick up and lap time.

Then, as she was there, I used the opportunity to apply her diet supplement.

“That will be it!’ I thought. “No chance she will let me do that twice.”

Imagine my surprise that she now comes to sit with me every day, purring and poking me gently to pet her.

So now I have two cats that volunteer to take their medicine.

And I get to cuddle this very sweet cat.

8 thoughts on “Talking

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for more entertainment! You should remind Lily that she is not a chicken what with her dust bath! But with your crowd of various creatures, I don’t know if all of them know who they are, and it does not really matter, as we are all related and coming from the same source.


  2. Carolyn, hands down, this must be your best buck photo (or is it a deer?) Actually, come to think of it … either my reading glasses are clean or your photos are really crisp and beautiful in this post!

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