First day

11th June 2022

“Awfully sorry, missus. I upset your apple cart!”

Meanwhile mother was busy re-lining her burrow

Having brought her babies out, she used the opportunity to clean house.

“If you see my tail like this, you run home, you hear?”

Mother continued to rush about

Peeking cautiously from under the sumac,

…this baby was a little hesitant at first.

The sibling was not!

It jumped in with both feet.

Sparrow for size comparison

The babies having emerged, extra carrot was called for

I have such an urge to cuddle…

Look at that face!

“Mum said sniff the air.”

“Am I doing it right?”

“A review of my first day out?”

“It’s not like I was given a choice, is it?”

“Mum said ‘scram’, so we did.”

“But on balance, the grub’s better out here.”

“Mum told us to say ‘thanks’.”

“And to look cute.”

“Will this do?”

8 thoughts on “First day

  1. Oh my … it seems whether you are human or animal, the house sometimes needs to be cleaned a bit! Hmm, and they do like those carrots – you surely don’t just buy one bunch at the shop at a time 😉 … love their facial expressions!

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