Focus on a rainy day

1030/10th June 2022

“Come! You must see this!” said Grant, returning from a shopping expedition.

“Down there, by the trees!”

As usual, when I grab the camera, the opportunity had vanished.

But not for long…

“Do you feel safe at home?” I am always asked at the doctor’s office.

“Oh yes, as long as I stay out of the garden”,

would be my current response!

Midges. Yuk.

A result of yesterday’s rain, no doubt.

So what does one do on a rainy day in Cambridge? I can show you what I did…

(yes some of it was in the garden, mercifully bug-free during the rain)

Late in the day, the soaking must have brought yummy things to the surface to tempt my friend Flicker.

He pokes his long beak into the ground

The Flicker is gorgeous. He is not unlike the Red-bellied Woodpecker though you can easily see the differences in the photographs. I love them both, of course.

Once, the Sun almost broke through and I went looking for rainbows but found myself in a heavy mist.

Then, as I was out, I walked around:

Inevitably, I heard a frantic patter of feet:

“Really? You’re not going to let me out?”

“It’s all wet, Lily. Cat’s don’t like wet!”

My so-called lawn. It’s more of a clover field.


Many pictures can be shot from safely indoors

Like a slightly damp groundhog

Or a perching chipmunk

and a fleeing bunny

Late in the day, I went a little mad…

Sun came out in time to sink below the hill, casting long shadows across the grass/clover

A few images of a rainy day in Cambridge.

6 thoughts on “Focus on a rainy day

  1. Love your pics! And you are so on with your bird id’s, but one today caught my eye. That’s a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, not a red-headed one.

  2. The flicker’s got a little heart on his chest – that’s too cute! There is just something special about a garden with fresh rain/dew drops … love it! And yes, I also ❤️ your late afternoon pictures.

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