New visitors

1826/8th June 2022


And clouds.

And my shy friend up there.

It was a lovely evening, sky-wise.






I got a bit giddy trying to fit the contrail in

Aren’t those whispy clouds just lovely?

A gentle sky is so soothing.

This morning was a bit different

Somewhat overcast.

The milkweed had a good watering

It’s very popular with bugs…

…and, oh deer...

Part of Grant’s project recently, was to plant deer grass. Special stuff they could snack on. Do they? Oh no.

Perhaps they associate it with being lured by those who would hunt them:( They prefer the milkweed. Oh well. There’s quite a crop, so why not?

Everyone finds a snack, from the assortment of offerings:

Squirrels and foxes eating seed…

…and nuts, or…

Zoomer attempting a bit of carrot…

…though this morning he was back to stuffing his face with sunflower seeds that he took to his nest under the sumac. (Carrot was discarded)

We love to see everyone enjoying their grub:

Grace before meals?

“Somebody coming?”

“These is mine!”

“ALL mine!!!”

Then two nights ago…

New little friends…

Kits make such sweet little chittering sounds but they are a handful for their mums.

“Stop messing about and get up here!”

“Mum! We only got little legs…where you going now?”

“Yo, Mum! Wait!!!”

There’s always a tail-end Charlie.

“Now keep up! I’m not telling you again!”

“Are you listening to me?!”

“We’re going and I’m not waiting. Mutter, mutter…”

“Oh come on little brother. She’s really cross!

Then they disappeared into the woods and up the hill.

Baby raccoons don’t listen, to their Mum or to photographers, so they are a bit fuzzy.

But they are awfully cute.

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  1. It’s amazing how the contrail ‘stops’ between that seemingly light cloud up in the air! You had a house full of friends … or is it a ‘garden full’? That’s great … and I like the little racoons – poor mom, they certainly looks like a hand full!

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