Baby bath

1725/7th June 2022

Much needed rain obligingly arrived overnight and I was not surprised to look out on a grey morning, but when I turned around…

Quite a lot of cloud still about, but mostly a nice day. Very buggy(:

After a quick tour of the garden, I retreated inside.

Those bugs bring me up in big itchy welts.

Time is running short today as have an appointment, so I will leave you with some pictures of Starling bath hour:

“Should I take the plunge?”

“Let me think…”

“This feels good!”

“Wah hah!”


‘Water logged!”

“Now I need another snack!”


“I need a lie down after seeing all that!”

The dainty dove decided to warm her wings while the fledglings took off after mother.

Zoomer nipped in quickly for a drink

and a Grackle came to see how many peanuts he could cram in

“Ubb! I think that went down the wrong way.

“Maybe I’ve had enough.”

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