Evening entertainment

1815/7th May 2022

There I was, washing dishes and gazing out the kitchen window. It tends to happen at much the same time every evening.

Guess who has figured out how to extort one more carrot.

“Grass.” she said, mournfully. “It’s all there is!”

Well, what is one to do?

As is plain to see, this creature is nursing babies.

She needs to keep her energy up.

“Oh, ‘fanks” she said in acknowledgement.

And with that, she got down to business.

“Euh, glub! I swallowed the end bit whole!”

Lately they have been rejecting the tops:

Then she decided to start at the other end, so she flipped it over. “That’s better!”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s more like it!”

“Ooh. Got a bit stuck in my tooth….now I’m going to sneeze…”

“Maybe not. Oops, nearly got away from me…”

“Got a grip on it now…”

“Yo, Charles! I can hear those children making a big racket down there. Keep them in order, for heavens sake!”

“Can’t have a carrot in peace around here!”

“Last few bites…”

“Mmmm, that was tasty.”

“Charles, keep those little buggers in order for one more minute, you hear!”

“Hello, missus! You still washing dishes?”

Isn’t this where we came in?

That look is good for one more carrot.

That’s all!

“That’s our cue!” said the Cowbirds

Last minute practice bow.

“Hey, you in the window, did you catch all that?”

“Well that’s it. I’m off. Nite.”

“So much fuss out here. You just don’t know which way to turn!”

“One could get in quite a fluster!”

This poor little dove did look very flustered and I worried that something was amiss.

She waddled about a bit for a few minutes and then took off, so maybe she was just taking a “time-out”.

As for the groundhog: she has improved her timing.

She can now get a large carrot down in 12 minutes.

8 thoughts on “Evening entertainment

  1. That carrot is almost bigger than her … but like you said, she needs the energy! She must just be careful not to get the hiccups for eating so fast – goodness, 12 minutes!
    The birds put on quite a drama – it’s like watching a movie (of course narrated by you)!

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