20th April 2022

There are Apps which can edit a photograph to look like a painting. I don’t have one (that I’m aware of!), yet certain images appear not quite real.

Snow on the Green Mountains gave the landscape perspective and nascent leaves lent a fuzzy texture to the trees.

Red Maples added a deep red tint.

On such a fine day, I could not resist a brief car trip and was surprised when Grant suddenly took a detour into “new territory”.

In fact we had been on that road before, headed in a different direction, but with changing seasons, it always looks new.

And from the new direction, I was able to photograph the cattle that all turned to watch!

At first I wondered what all these “white stones” were!

While we had experienced a howling gale and not much else, a few miles up the road, it had really snowed.

Two days later, the chimes are still playing their symphony in powerful wind gusts.

When I’m protected indoors, I love the sound of wind.

Outdoors though, I find the feel of it enervating.

Any day now, Grant will be putting heaters away and dragging fans all over the house.

To keep the cats cool. I always turn them off.

This morning, while out distributing carrots, I was instructed: “Keep an eye on Lily!”


“Make sure she doesn’t run away!”

Lily was down the bank, in the field, beyond the capability of my unreliable legs.

“How am I supposed to stop her?”

“Just call me and I’ll get her!”

…says he, buggering off out of earshot

The cats love their little outdoor excursions, so I don’t protest when they are allowed out briefly.

But don’t make me responsible!

It’s such a relief when they are all accounted for.

Maybe it’s the changeable weather lately. I keep going off on tangents.

What I intended to say was that it (the weather) is offering a lot of photographic opportunities:

Tuesday evening, just after sunset the sky briefly turned deep blue.

Despite predictions, we had risen that day to witness a minute amount of wet snow that rapidly melted.

…and as it melted…

…new images

Two days before, we’d had hail:

That day I took pictures of another plant, but before I got around to posting those, this later challenge arrived.

So now there is another perspective.

It may not be of interest to anyone else, but it was my intention to post both sets of images together. Though, as I said, I keep shooting off elsewhere.

Perhaps I may still bore you with those….or maybe I’ll write about my string theory…when I’ve decided what it is….

In the meantime: One day recently as I wandered about, I spotted some large black birds down the road.

Perhaps they were turkeys? I zoomed in and decided they were crows but when I blew the picture up…

“Buzzards!” said Grant

Later on that day, I saw one of them hovering in the late afternoon sky.

Those out stretched wings are so splendid.

5 thoughts on “Detours

  1. The buzzards look great in the air.
    Snow this late in April is harsh for you. It was warm and sunny on our walk today, and Ollie got too warm, so stood in the river to cool down. Yet we are forecast to drop back to 10C next week. They used the favourite phrase of the weather presenters, ‘Changeable’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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