Guilt points

22nd April 2022

His Nibbs stopped by this morning.

“Thought you might need some footage on your blog”

“…for a small fee…”

Who could resist a face like that?

Treats were produced and gobbled down.

Though the lad is equally happy to be made a fuss of.

“Not much of a flower bed, missus!”…

“…you’ll need to do better than this.”

“Where does it say cat opinions are welcome?”

“Wa, just trying to be helpful!”

“What’s going on round here then?”

“Oh ya! Sunshine, seed husks and dirt.”

Yawn. “Only had 15 hours of sleep last night.”

“Hallloooo! Anybody home?”

“I’ll just wait over here.”

“Yo! You do know there’s carrots out here?”

“I say, is everything alright in there?”

“Snooty lot! Who needs groundhogs anyway?”

“I can entertain myself!”

“Oh. You still here?”

“I’ll just collect my fee….”

“…then be on my way. Places to go, creatures to meet.”

“On the other hand, there’s another soft touch…”

So that was the outdoor cat…

Meanwhile indoors…

Willow is uncertain of the creature in the blue hood.

The other cats have either not noticed or are unimpressed by Blackie’s collar.

Blackie herself has made no attempt to rid herself of it, which leads me to wonder if she even realizes she has acquired the thing. It is very light and loose fitting.

Her vision is obviously reduced and she is finding it a little difficult to locate food unless it is under her nose.

Her access to the litter box is a bit of a challenge, but she works it out, even though there are other boxes she can easily climb into.

Yup. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know.

What with Blackie and her collar and Patches now attaching herself to me at night, Willow won’t even attempt to sleep with me at the moment. Additionally, Blackie is cashing in guilt points by demanding quite a lot of extra attention, so I have to seek Willow out and make sure she gets quality time.

No doubt the only one getting stressed out is me.

…and perhaps him:

“Has that orange thing gone yet?”

8 thoughts on “Guilt points

  1. Exactly … who could resist that cute little face? The ‘outdoor cat’ looks quite happy playing model for you – and he’s doing a great job!
    As for Blackie, she’s definitely not bothered with the newest fashing wear πŸ˜„ – I’m glad she’s doing ok. Thank you Carolyn, I’ve enjoyed your animal conversations this morning!

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