0937/21st November 2021
It's over and done,
One could really feel quite glum.
Garden put to bed,
Tools in the shed.
As another Winter starts
And the heating bill just smarts.
"But wait!" I said
Lifting my head,
"Winter is my time,
"I like it quite fine.
"The frost and snow
"The luminous glow
"At night, 
"What a sight
"To behold.
"Forget the cold.
"Wrap up warm!
"Enjoy the storm!"
This year though I fell in love, with little plants
That my garden did enhance.
Especially those
The groundhog chose.
Emerging from his den
He seized those shoots and then
We had to try again and again.
The ones who struggle most
My heart will always toast.
As I cut their withered stems
I whispered "Little gems,
"Please come again next Spring
"'Because you always bring
"Such gladness to my world
"When your petals are unfurled."
So I laid them to their bed
And a tiny tear I shed.


Well, something like that. I am a Winter person but I have to admit warm weather does have advantages. I do so love the Summer creatures, even the scoundrels that eat my plants. And I have an increasing fondness for things that grow. I love to watch the whole process of the first hint of green, to a leaf, a stem, to a bud. Then I look forward to each morning, watching the progress of the bud into a flower that soon hosts bees and butterflies and all the other, somewhat less rejoiced insects!

There are quite a few of those, the less rejoiced and hot weather suits me not at all. But this Winter creature does look forward, more than she once did, to next Spring and Summer and what it may bring.

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