0730/18th November 2021

1942/19th November 2021

Usually when there is to be a significant celestial happening, one gets some sort of clue off the media.

Maybe the fact that it was to occur from 0230 till 0500, or thereabouts, they didn’t bother to mention it.

Would I have dragged myself out of bed to view what it is claimed was the longest eclipse for several hundred years?

It would have been nice to have the option.

Not long after we came to Cambridge, I stayed up very late one night to view an eclipse and nearly perished myself in the bitter cold. It was exhilarating!

Back then I didn’t attempt to photograph the event, but it would have been pointless, what with the shivering and shaking.

Last night I got an almost decent shot of the Beaver moon. Of course it doesn’t look much different than all the other pictures I’ve taken of the moon!

But I still keep trying.

A few days ago, before he mashed his toe, Grant called to me when we were doing our early “rounds” and said there was something else I should photograph.

Back in the Spring when I was half-heartedly pulling up weeds, I yanked out one or two I felt a bit sad about.

They deserved a chance, just not in my flower bed.

Under one of the leaky outdoor taps, I had placed a superfluous cat box to catch the drips and that’s where I placed those weeds.

With so much moisture, they thrived.

Now I’ve got an aquatic display of assorted greens.

Which seemed all the brighter for a coating of ice.

But sadly a ladybird got herself stuck:(

Our nights are mostly cold lately but I’ve yet to wear a coat this Fall as the days are so mild. There is talk of a storm coming to create “holiday travel nightmares”, (the media loves trotting out that phrase) but I think even that may skirt around us.

American Thanksgiving is next Thursday. My overseas cards are done, but it’s time to start on the rest…

And WordPress is giving me a headache…so bye bye for now….

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