Wot I worry about

2016/3rd August 2021

Do you think my life would make a good sitcom?

Last night I glanced out the window, saw the sky and went running out the front door, only to notice a doe with her fawn not 20 feet away.

“Oh, sorry!” I said, like the Englishwoman I am, turned around and rushed back inside.

The fawn was unfazed, happy to loiter, but mother quickly ushered it up into the woods and I cursed myself for having forgotten to check before suddenly slamming the door open.

Still, I daresay they will be back for more apples.

Then I pictured myself apologizing to a deer, as if she understood English and diving back indoors like a fool.

Not really a fool, though, to care about animals.

When we got back from an outing this morning, as we approached the house I spotted a little brown bird sitting on the path.

It didn’t fly off, so I immediately thought something must be wrong and I went round to talk to it.

It simply hopped in among the milkweed and ignored me but when I went back out to check a minute later it was gone.

So apparently it was fine.

“You don’t worry about me, though, do you?”

Actually, I do worry about insects as well, especially when I get a close look at their faces.

Butterflies are so very fragile and beautiful.

It’s hard to imagine a world without them.

Which is the real reason I worry about him.

One of these wee chaps was sat there under his milkweed for three days without moving so I was sure he was dead, but this morning he peered around his leaf at me and said:


So I guess he’s fine too.

Down in what I call “the field”, there is a lot more milkweed and as I went to post this picture, I realized that I unwittingly captured the image of a Monarch butterfly, the ever-elusive:

The miracle of photography!

A baby red-winged blackbird, waiting for its mom to feed him some suet. He doesn’t look anything like his parents and sometimes it’s hard to work out who belongs to who.

There is something so endearing about baby birds.

Perhaps I’ve said that before.

Oh well.

Then there’s my excuse for a garden. This plant nearly got ejected recently when I identified it as a weed, but as it looked healthier than the actual flowers, I decided it deserved a chance and look what happened!

PlantNet still insists it’s a weed, but also mentions the word “impatiens”, so I assume it’s a type of impatient.

However I have never seen a plant that grew flowers on the actual stalk.

It’s a bit odd, but then so is everything else.

It is pretty.


Also on my list of worries:

A grackle with a gimp

A groundhog with a limp…..

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  1. I’m glad you saved the Impatiens, they are beautiful. I love the closeup of the Katydid. Too bad it doesn’t show his little face.

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