Not the Nazca lines…

Not that I have ever seen the Nazca Lines, except in photographs, but this snail/slug trail reminded me of the patterns depicted by them.

Another ancient site I would love to have seen.

Things like this fascinate me. My time machine, if I had one, would take me back to see those lines being drawn.

Then we would proceed to Ancient Rome? Angkor? I could never choose just one.

Suddenly, I have a California poppy!

Remember the assassin bug?

They had babies! Eeek!

To the naked eye, those are small black dots but look at them, getting stabbing lessons from Mum!

Makes my toes curl up.

This gentle boy wouldn’t hurt a soul…..(on right)

He came this morning looking for an apple, but he was very nervous of being photographed…

…unlike his juvenile friends who came by recently

The fawn gently kissed her mum, or maybe she was licking apple juice? I like to think it was a “kiss”.

Then she entertained us by romping around, just beyond the back patio.

There’s been a bumper crop of apples and there are already many on the ground. Good news for the deer.

Another day, two fawns came, egging each other on:

Hard to focus, as they dart about, but this one (left) stopped to let me admire her long legs and sleek body. What a beauty. She was quite a bit bigger than her sidekick.

They found something else to nibble in the woods.

Meanwhile…I am so thrilled! I have never managed to get poppies to grow before. I adore them!

Grant bought a packet of mixed seeds that I carelessly scattered after the groundhogs decimated my first attempts.

“Let it be a surprise if anything comes up”, I said..


Today’s caterpillar count: 1 medium, 2 small, 1 tiny, 1 minute.

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