Afternoon ride

31st July, 2021

For a change of scene, we went for a short drive yesterday afternoon, taking a rural route through the countryside and over the Vermont border, into Bennington.

There’s never a bad time to take a drive here, barring blizzards and rainstorms, of course. When we returned from Malta (the one in NY) the other day, Grant could hardly see where he was driving. Then, after a while, he noticed that he had taken his glasses off! He had been waiting for me in the car and he doesn’t need glasses for reading. But visibility was still limited. The thunder had been so dramatic, I heard it over the rat-ta-tat-tat of the MRI machine!

This is the time of year for wildflowers.

And the corn is getting tall.

The sky full of balmy clouds.

Meandering brought us to an avenue of trees, filtering the light.

Can we pretend this one is an impressionist painting?

The purple flowers are a variety of hemp, I believe. The mustard coloured wild parsnip, another of those dastardly invasive species! But they can make a good photograph.

Most of our journey was unimpeded by other motorists.

But Grant would be disappointed to be deprived of a moan…

Not a human in sight, but one did finally get in his way!

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  1. I got curious and Wikipedia says:

    The town, originally called Dunning Street, was formed in 1802 from part of the Town of Stillwater. More territory was gained from the Town of Saratoga in 1805. The name “Malta” is said to derive from a malt brewery in the area that was formerly called “Malt-ville” and is now Maltaville.

    Lovely photos!

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