“I’m a wee snail…”

5th August, 2021
I’m a wee Snail

“I’m a wee snail”,
Joseph said to the rail.
“Not very good dining”,
He plead with a wail.

Two little molluscs
I got in a sale,
One a small girl
And one of them male.

Joseph was his name
And she was called Gail.
He was all dark
And she was quite pale. 

One fine day
We went for a sail.
I drank champagne
And they drank pale ale.
We all drank too much
And threw up in a pail.
The boat went awry
Ending up on the shale.

A coastguard came at once to our hail,
But then he got cross and put us in jail.
We sat there all day
Feeling ever so frail.

Our day, like this poem
One big epic fail.

Capturing a snail photograph reminded me of the ditty I concocted in January2020, in honour of Maria Wulf’s “snail party”! Hardly a poem, but then I’m no poet.

4 thoughts on ““I’m a wee snail…”

  1. I love your little composition and I’m sure Maria did as well. Did you go to her “snail party”? Maybe there will be another one someday.

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